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Hand-made gifts for friends

You can craft gifts for the NPCs to increase your relationship with them, unlocking various game content.


Players can unlock recipes by picking them up in locations around town. They spawn randomly after each run.


Crafting each gift costs a certain amount of Inspiration based on the rarity of the gift.

Rarity Cost
1 star 50
2 stars 70
3 stars 90
4 stars 110
5 stars 130
6 stars 150

Recipe List

Giving a gift that the NPC likes (has a checkmark on the table below) will award 25% extra relationship XP.

Gift Star Eve Tamal Bruce Alison Fernando Carl Rose
Hand-made Coaster 1
Sketch of a Mighty Heroine 1
Abstract Poem 1
Painting of a Serene Landscape 1
Photo of the Redhaven Streets 1
Artistic Photo From Trip Abroad 1
Whimsical Sonnet 1
Sweat Bands with Geometric Pattern 1
Sleek Earplug Case 1
Seashell Earings 1
Illustration of Historic Redhaven 1
Cool Beat Poem 2
Pencil Study of Downtown 2
Postcard of Redhaven 2
Hand-drawn Movie Poster 2
Notebook with Illustrated Cover 2
Fox-Shaped Cookies 2
Painting of a Far-away Land 2
Vibrant Reusable Water Bottle 2
Ceramic Pencil Holder 2
Stunning Watercolor of an Actor 2
Painting of the Cosmos 2
Exercise Mixtape 2
Carved Walking Stick 3
Miniature Sculpture of a Puppy 3
Striking Watercolor of a Sunset 3
Beautiful Aerial Photo 3
Picturebook 3
Homemade Oven Mitts 3
Patched-up Sweater 3
Painted Bicycle Helmet 3
Futuristic Sunglasses 4
Rustic Mug 4
Hand-carved Pocket Knife 4
Miniature of Redhaven Theater 4
Embroidered Hand Towel 4
Silkscreen Band T-Shirt 4
Fantastical Short Story 4
Photo of a Biker Convoy 5
Illustration of Classical Musician 5
Hand-made Duffel Bag 5
Salvaged Leather Belt 5
Exquisite Turned Pen 6
Tryptic of a Famous Knight 6
Playing Cards of Historical Figures 6
Miniature Oak Cast 6