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A co-worker in the legal department. Not sure we got off on the best foot


  • Coffee
  • History
  • Soccer
  • Cycling
  • Thrift Shops
  • Movies


  • Hand-made Coaster
  • Sweat Bands with Geometric Pattern
  • Illustration of Historic Redhaven
  • Hand-drawn Movie Poster
  • Vibrant Reusable Water Bottle
  • Stunning Watercolor of an Actor
  • Exercise Mixtape
  • Patched-up Sweater
  • Painted Bicycle Helmet
  • Rustic Mug
  • Illustration of Classical Musician
  • Salvaged Leather Belt
  • Playing Cards of Historical Figures

Influence: Fernando's Dedication

Improves your Defenses as Cassidy gets to know Fernando.

Friendship Bonus Bonus Bonus
Level I +2% Armor
Level II +4% Armor
Level III +6% Armor
Level IV +8% Armor +5% Parry Window
Level V +10% Armor +10% Parry Window
Level VI +12% Armor +15% Parry Window
Level VII +14% Armor +20% Parry Window
Level VIII +16% Armor +25% Parry Window +5% Max Health