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Shields can be used to bock and parry incoming attacks. Not all shields allow for parrying. Using shields to block will consume your lucid.

Name Example Description Quote Unlockable
For when you need space. Parry your enemies and blow them back. I thought I said to stay away.
Bulwark of Buffing
Crimson Shield For the ultra-offensive, this shield buffs your attack damage when taking damage. Defense? Who needs defense? Getting hit makes me angry. You won’t like me when I’m angry.
Crystal Barrier
Flame Shield
When your nightmares get a little too close, a parry will light the air around you on fire, burning any who get a little too friendly. Get too close and you’ll be burned.
Psionic Barrier
Radiant Shield
Pairs nicely with the Radiant Edge, this shield boasts an impressive damage resistance. If the Care Bears had a shield.
Razorback Shield
Stalwart Shield
Storm Ward
Parry an attack to send out a pulse of electricity around you, shocking enemies. Nothing says “step back” like 100,000 volts.
Tripoint Shield
Warding Winds
Who needs parrying when you can block attacks from all around you? In my own little vortex.