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Using the sketchbook, Cassidy can unlock new items. Ideas are found in the game.

Name Type Cost
Shadow Spire Lucid Attack 2
Vanity Mirror Keepsake- Randomly duplicates an equipped keepsake 2
Shadow Step Shoes 2
Astral Hop Shoes 2
Radiant Shield Shield 2
Breaker Sword Melee Weapon 2
Paper Airplane Ranged Weapon 2
Raijin Melee Weapon 2
Megaton Stingers Melee Weapon 2
Pool Cue Melee Weapon 2
Blowback Shield 2
Fire Bird Keepsake - revives on death with 50% Health. 2
Biting Dagger Melee Weapon 2
Telekinesis Ranged Weapon 2
Art Supplies Keepsake - doubles Inspiration gained. 2
Storm Ward Shield 1
Power Chord Lucid Attack 4
Lightning Strike Lucid Attack 4
Mallory Melee Weapon 4
I Don't Know How to Leave Lucid Attack 4
Treasure Map Treasure Map - reveals dungeon layout. 4
Frisbee Ranged Weapon 4
Vampire Fangs Keepsake - recovers Health when dealing damage 4
Bonsai-Do Keepsake - improves Parry Projectile Damage. 4
Lightspeed Shoes 4
Ground Surge Lucid Attack 4
Bungee Cord Keepsake - improves Projectile Speed. 4
Imported Candy Keepsake- Increases the level of a piece of equipment 8
Oil Slick Lucid Attack 8
Geyser Lucid Attack 8
Speed Bag Keepsake- Removes time ability cooldown when making melee attacks 8
Glitter Bomb Ranged Attacks 8
Skyfall Lucid Attack 8
Warding Winds Shield 8
Koregan Melee Weapon 8
Whirling Current Melee Weapon 8
Bike Chain Keepsake - increases effect chaining. 8
Bandage Keepsake - increases Health recovery by 10%. 8
Crimson Shield Shield 8
Umbrella Melee Weapon 8
Release Lucid Attack 8
Detonate Lucid Attack 8
Voltaic Ray Ranged Weapon 12
Fishing Pole Melee Weapon 12
Flame Shield Shield 12
Radiant Edge Melee Weapon 12
Quiver Keepsake- Reduces ranged lucid cost 12
Piggy Bank Keepsake - increases Sand gain by 10%. 12
Blowgun Ranged Attack 12
X-Ray Specs Keepsake- Reveals secret rooms 12
Medicine Ball Ranged Weapon 12
Shivering Sphere Lucid Attack 12
Paycheck Keepsake- Increases damage the more sand held 12
Firecracker Ranged Weapon 12
MoneyTree Keepsake - consumes original Sand but increases future gain. 16
Terracade Lucid Attack 16
Overdrive Lucid Attack 16
Fast Food Keepsake- Adds oiled to all attacks 16
Seismic Wave Lucid Attack 16
Lightning Storm Lucid Attack 16
Dusted Blanks Keepsake- Increases ranged lucid cost, but increases sand gained 16
Honey Keepsake- Doubles all companions
Dent Puller Keepsake - applies Health recovery on a successful parry. 20
Key Cutter Keepsake 20
Soda & Mints Keepsake 20
Health Insurance Keepsake 20
Face Mask Keepsake - gets rid of status effects. 20
Booster Shot 20
Red Beard Melee Weapon 20