Lucid Attacks

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Cassidy uses Cold Snap

In addition to physical weapons, Cassidy also can learn and use Lucid Attacks aka abilities in Dreamscaper. These abilities are magical and dream-influenced and can affect space and time in her dreams.


When Cassidy starts a dream, she has Astral Blow equipped as her first default ability. You find other abilities during Cassidy's dreams. During her dream, Cassidy can have up to two abilities equipped at the same time. To expand Cassidy's abilities, you will need to unlock them by building out her relationship with NPCs.

List of Lucid Attacks

Name Example Description Quote Unlockable
Astral Blow
Your starting lucid attack. Use this to strike down your nightmares with a devastating blow.
Black Hole Pulls enemies in the the gravity well. You ever feel like your life has become a black hole?
Blast Flare
Strike the ground to unleash a devastating pillar of fire on your nightmares.
Breaking Feel like beating up enemies with some cool dance moves? Now's the chance to do so. Show off your dance skill in a dance batle. Battle? Nah, this is a DANCE battle.
Cold Snap
Cassidy freezes enemies and snaps her fingers to shatter them from existence. Let it gooooo.
Explode all that pent up emotion outward, lightning your nightmares up around you. I’m all fired up.
Draconic Rage
Summon an almighty dragon to rain fire on your enemies. If they aren't scarred for life, at least they'll be burning. I guess I'm more like the Wacky Aunt of Dragons.
Eden Beam
The Eden Beam is a cross promotion with One Step From Eden (OSFE) - another roguelite with a combat style similar to Mega Man Battle Network.
Frost Fracture
Grasp of the Shadow
Ground Surge
Channel the fury of the storm and send it arching out along the ground, tracking your enemies down. Eye of the storm.
I Don't Know How to Leave
Cassidy reaches etheral claws to pull enemies in close. Designed by Caples, inspired by Cassidy's difficulty in saying goodbye. Sometimes it's hard to let go.
Ice Spike The perfect murder...
Ever wonder what's it like to see a dying star collapse on itself? Look no further, as you unleash the terrifying might of one on your enemies. This is the type of science I can get behind.
Lightning Storm
Cassidy uses Lightning Storm
Get supercharged and called down lightning on all enemies within the room, flattening them into the ground. To match my mood.
Lightning Strike
Blast away enemies in front of you with a concentrated lightning strike that sends them up into the air. This seems dangerous.
Cassidy uses Overdrive
Send yourself into Overdrive - increasing attack power, speed, defense and agility. I learned this from a chubby blue guy in a dream.
Power Chord
Rock out and send your foes reeling with the force of this lethal power chord. Time to turn it up to 11.
Primal Scream
Ever just want to scream so hard that you break something? You can now do that to your enemies. Time to unleash your inner battle cry! Let it all out.
Rain of Blades
Flying blades that automatically target your nightmares. What more can I say except for awesome? There's got to be a death metal song with that name.
When you've had enough, push the world away from you. This will send enemies on all sides of flying. For when your nightmares aren’t giving you 6 feet.
Seismic Wave
Cassidy uses Seismic Wave
Cassidy stomps the ground, sending a line of force that hurls earth up at enemies- They can't handle the magnitude of it.
Call down the heavens and smash a meteor into the earth, causing massive damage. Where did that come from?
Spirit Shuriken
Static Field
Unleash an AOE attack that shocks your enemies as they come in range.
Shape the earth - pull a barrier up to thwart advancing enemies, or block incoming projectiles. Out of sight, out of mind.
Thundering Lunge
Ever just get pent up that you need to stomp out your feelings? Now's the chance to take it out on your enemies.