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A variety of enemy attacks

Enemies in Dreamscaper are surreal and deadly nightmares that Cassidy must battle to wake safely from her dreams.


Each shade represents a different emotion that Cassidy is struggling with. From anger to anxiety to hopelessness, her feelings take form as deadly nightmares that overrun her once peaceful Dreamscape.

  • Battlemage
  • Tribalist
  • Punisher
  • Corkscrew
  • Asssassin
  • Lancers
  • Knights
  • Slime
  • Energy Turret
  • Energy Mine


Name Damage Size Type Health
Bruiser Melee Large Bruiser 240
Wanderer Melee Mobile Wanderer 150
Heavy Melee Large Charging 300
Heavy MiniBoss Melee Large
  • Charging
  • MiniBoss || 400
Sword Melee Medium Slashing 180
Defensive Sword Melee Medium Defense 180
Spear Melee Medium Piercing 180
Defensive Spear Melee Medium Defense 180
Battlemage Melee Medium
  • Magic
  • Battlemage||180
Mage Ranged Medium Magic 150
Squishy Melee - Squishy 60
Flying Melee Melee Small Squishy 60
Flying Ranged Ranged Small Flying 60
Ranged Ranged Medium Piercing 150
Bullet Turret Ranged Turret Bullet 60
Spread Bullet Turret Ranged Turret Bullet 60
Blast Turret Ranged Turret Blast 60
AOE Turret Melee Turret AOE 60
Beam Turret Ranged Turret Beam 60
Arms Turret Melee Turret Slashing 60
Assassin Melee Medium Dagger 150
Knight Melee Medium Armor 210


Each boss in Dreamscaper is a representation of one of Cassidy's most negative emotions that she struggles with throughout the game.

Bosses not only have emotion dependent looks, but unique attack patterns that are also fashioned after these feelings.

Health Scaling