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Mysterious, hulking, and inescapable, Fear follows Cassidy through the Dreamscape, dwelling just below the surface, ready to erupt at any moment and overwhelm her
Fear Opening Scene

Fear is the first biome’s boss and a nightmare that resembles a whale.

To beat Cassidy's fear, you'll need to evade Fear's attacks and utilize the mines in the area to disrupt Fear and cause damage.


Fear resides on the top is Cassidy's dream of her hometown's main street before it's flooded and infiltrated with dark thoughts.

Attack Moves

Fear has 4 different attack patterns.

Tail/Air Slash
Example of Fear's Tail/Air Attack

Fear will jump up out of the water and attack you with its tail sending a slash of air at you by performing a 360 flip. Evade the air slash at the last few seconds to avoid damage. Fear will perform this move twice per attack, so be prepared to avoid this attack again.

Water Blast
Example of Fear using its water blast move. Also, an example of parrying the water ball.

Fear will appear at any of the corners on the map blasting you with water. Fear will perform this move twice per attack. At the end one attack, Fear can reposition itself and appear at a different corner to attack you. There are two different variants of this attack. Fear can either blast you with water balls three times in a row that covers the whole map or send a stream of water at you starting from one side of the map to the other. When facing these attacks, you can use your shield to block damage or attempt to evade them by dodging it. When Fear sends water balls at your way, you can attempt to parry that. A successful parry will cause a lot of damage.

Fear uses waterspout

Fear will disappear from the battlefield and send a series of waterspouts at you usually in the direction you are heading towards. To evade this move, keep on moving and avoid the area that the waterspouts are indicated to appear.

Fear jump attack

Fear will jump up at you in an attempt to bite you with its mouth, slamming you back into the ground. To avoid this move, wait until the circle beneath you is dark and smaller than before. You will need to dodge at the last second before Fear jumps upwards.


Fear Ending Scene

At the end of the fight, Cassidy overcomes her own fears and Fear disappears from the battlefield.