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Unlockable shoes can be unlocked for Cassidy's dream by building her relationship with NPCs in the Waking World.

Name Icons Description Mastery Unlockable
Acrobatic Shoes
Acrobatic Shoes.png
Red Pit Resistance +15%
Astral Hop
Astral Hop.png
Warp space as you teleport forward, moving you out of harm's way. Explosive Trap Resistance +10%
Feather-Foot Flip
Feather-Foot Flip.png
+5% Run Speed
Spinning Trap Resistance +10%
Shadow Step
Shadow Step.png
Step through the shadows to put distance between yourself and your nightmares. Red Pit Resistance +15%
Cassidy's movement becomes lightning quick, leaving a pulse of electricity where she ends up. Shock chains +1 more time
Weave Icon.png
+3% Critical Chance
Burning Step
Burning Step.png
Burn Duration +25%