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Bartender at Silk Lounge. Late thirties. Wears cooler clothing than I could ever pull off.


  • Traveling
  • Bourbon
  • Postcards
  • Skydiving
  • Motorcycles
  • Storytelling


  • Hand-made Coaster
  • Painting of a Serene Landscape
  • Artistic Photo From Trip Abroad
  • Postcard of Redhaven
  • Painting of a Far-away Land
  • Striking Watercolor of a Sunset
  • Beautiful Aerial Photo
  • Picturebook
  • Fantastical Short Story
  • Photo of a Biker Convoy
  • Exquisite Turned Pen
  • Miniature Oak Cask

For an interactive list of Eve's favorite gifts, please see the Crafting page.

Influence: Eve's Perception

Improves your Ranged Attacks as Cassidy gets to know Eve.

Friendship Bonus Bonus Bonus
Level I +2% Ranged Damage
Level II +4% Ranged Damage
Level III +6% Ranged Damage
Level IV +8% Ranged Damage +10% Projectile Speed
Level V +10% Ranged Damage +20% Projectile Speed
Level VI +12% Ranged Damage +30% Projectile Speed
Level VII +14% Ranged Damage +40% Projectile Speed
Level VIII +16% Ranged Damage +50% Projectile Speed +30% Max Lucid


She’s a good listener, enjoys people and makes fast friends. A traveler with a persistent wanderlust, her life is fashioned around her independence and freedom. Now that she’s fast-approaching her 40s, worry about her future has begun to seep into her life. Her job as a bartender allows her the freedom she values so highly, but her concerns for the future are taking a toll.