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a Katana.

There are a variety of weapons in Dreamscaper that Cassidy can use to her advantage in combat.

You can view Cassidy's current weapons in her inventory in the Dream World (Dreamscape) or looking at her Journal in the Waking World.


There are two types of weapons you can use in Dreamscaper: melee and ranged weapons.

Equipment rarity increases in the following order: White Green, Blue, Purple and Gold.

You find various melee and ranged weapons during Cassidy's dreams. During her dream, Cassidy can have one weapon of each type equipped at the same time. Range weapons require lucid to be used.

New weapons and abilities can be unlocked throughout the game. To expand Cassidy's weapon choices, crafting gift items to NPCs to build out her relationship and unlock more weapons.

Melee Weapons

Name Icon Description Mastery Modifier Base Damage Unlockable
Breaker Sword
Breaker Sword.png
A heavy blade that crushes the earth on its third blow, although it seems almost impossible to wield. +5% Attack Speed 28 DPS
Megaton Stingers
Megaton Stingers.png
The Megaton Stingers are great for controlling crowds of pesky nightmares period time to walk the dog and relive the glory days. +5% Melee Damage 24 DPS
Pool Cue
Pool Cue.png
For channeling your inner Donatelo, there's nothing better than a spinning flurry of blocks with a stick. +5% Melee Damage 26 DPS
Biting Dagger
Biting Dagger.png
Small, but deadly, this dagger comes seeped in poison. Poison Damage +10% 29 Poison DPS
From Adam Burgess, a vicious scythe with a three hit combo that lays enemies down. Throw your scythe forward with your alternate attack and punish everything in your path. +15% Alt Damage 28 DPS
From the mind of backer Luke Haythorpe comes a decidedly deadly trident named Koregan. The alternate attack is a fast, punishing dash attack. +5% Attack Speed
Fishing Pole
Fishing Pole.png
Khak1s brings us this versatile weapon, wielded like a whip. The alternate attack hold enemies in close to continue your combos. +15% Alt Damage
Umbrella Icon.png
Cassidy is prepared even on a rainy day. This umbrella’s third hit and alternate attack will open up the umbrella up, sending enemies reeling. +5% Attack Speed 24 DPS
Radiant Edge
Radiant Edge.png
A glowing rainbow blade that would make even the Care Bears jealous. +20% Critical Damage 29 DPS
Super Slugger +15% Alt Damage 27 DPS
Boxing Gloves
Boxing Gloves.png
+5% Critical Chance 30 DPS
Criss & Cross
Criss & Cross.png
+20% Critical Damage 26 DPS
Katana Icon.png
+5% Critical Chance 24 DPS
Johann's Blade
Johann's Blade.png
+5% Melee Damage 28 DPS
Crashing Wave Strikes
Crashing Wave Strikes.png
+5% Attack Speed 31 DPS
+15% Alt Damage 27 DPS
Twin Wolf Heads
Twin Wolf Heads.png
+5% Critical Chance 22 DPS
+5% Critical Chance 26 DPS
The Masher
The Masher.png
+5% Melee Damage 26 DPS
Gale Blade
Gale Blade.png
+20% Critical Damage 28 Wind DPS
+20% Critical Damage 27 DPS

Ranged Weapons

Name Icon Description Mastery Modifier Unlockable
Bottle Rocket
Bottle Rocket Icon.png
Fire Damage +10%
Decent Drencher 1000 Wet Duration +20%
Finger Gun
Finger Gun.png
-10% Ranged Lucid Consumption
Boostie Fuego
Boostie Fuego.png
Burn Duration +20%
Kunai Icon.png
+2 Projectiles or Beams Fired
Optic Sear
Optic Sear.png
-10% Ranged Lucid Consumption
Slingshot +10% Ranged Damage
Wand of Blasting
Wand of Blasting.png
+10% Ranged Damage
Telekinesis Icon.png
No projectile? No problem. Lift a chunk of the earth out from under you to fling at your nightmares. +5% Attack Speed
Frisbee Icon.png
Not just for the quad – this ‘bee comes with the ability to ricochet off one enemy into another. Talk about a BOGO deal, brah. +10% Ranged Damage
Voltaic Ray
Voltaic Ray.png
Channel your favourite Emperor to electrify opponents at a safe distance. Shock chains +1 more
Blowgun Icon.png
Seemingly inconspicuous, this blowgun uses poison dipped tarts, inflicting damage overtime. Poison Damage +10%
Firecracker Icon.png
A festive ranged weapon with a strong area of effect. What more could you want? FireDamange +10%
-10% Ranged Lucid Consumption
Freeze Chance +20%
Water Balloon Wet Duration +20%