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Cassidy falls asleep and into her dreams.

Play as Cassidy, a quiet, young woman lost in her own daydreams. Cassidy is the protagonist of Dreamscaper.


She struggles with a move to a new city away from her support network; she feels more lost than ever. Even her dreams have changed.

A chronic underachiever, Cassidy is witty, sardonic, and opinionated with a strong moral compass. A natural introvert, she enjoys time on her own - anything that can take her to another world. Now shiftless and indecisive, Cassidy is dissatisfied with the direction she's heading - a malaise hangs about her life lately and she feels more lost than ever.

She used to love dreaming, escaping to far away lands and fond memories. Now something feels strained - dark thoughts have been invading her sleep. Although concerned and anxious about it, she doesn't know who to reach out to or how to talk about it.

An unexpected tragedy sends her tumbling down a dark hole that she struggles to get out of. She is plagued by surreal nightmares that requires her to fight through enemies with dream-inspired combat in order to safely deliver her to the next morning.

Unravel Cassidy’s story as you plunge through her subconscious, meet people in the real world and discover dream vignettes.