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Emblish the dreamscape

While Daydreaming, Cassidy can spend Glass to fuel her imagination and improve the Dreamscape. New upgrade options can be unlocked with Glass as she grows stronger.

To Daydream, interact with the stool at the Silk Lounge. Cassidy can permanently unlock or improve rooms within the dreamscape by spending Glass.

  • 5 more daydreams are unlocked after 200 Glass is used.
  • 5 more daydreams are unlocked after 600 Glass is used.
  • 5 more daydreams are unlocked after 1000 Glass is used.


Daydreams Description Levels Cost
Improved Selection Each rank unlocks a piece of equipment in the Merchant Room. 2 50/100
Stocked Shelves Each rank unlocks a utility item in the Merchant room.
Enchantment Room Unlock the Enchantment Room in the level. 6 25*level
Font of Life Unlock the Font of Life in the level. 6 25/75/125/175/225/275
Font of Lucid Unlock the Font of Lucid in the level. 6 25/50/75/100/125/150
Challenge Rooms Unlock the Challenge Rooms in the level.
Puzzle of Connection Unlock the Puzzle of Connection in the level.
Puzzle of Revelation Unlock the Puzzle of Revelation in the level.
Higher Quality Options Each rank grants 10% increased rarity to items in the Merchant Room. 3 25/50/75


Each Rank allows Cassidy to reroll metchant rooms in exchange for sand in a level
Cheaper Enchanting Each rank reduces the cost of enchanting by 10%. 25/50/75
Money Back Each rank grants +10% sand for destroyed Keepsakes. 5 25/35/45/55/65
Expanded Challenges Each rank grants +5% chance to spawn a Challenge Room. 10 25 + 5*level
Higher Quality Puzzle Rewards Each rank grants +5% to change puzzle reward will be higher quality.
Reward Selection Allows for the chance of selection between Rewards in the level. 6 25/50/75/100/125/150
Futuresight Each Rank reveals the location of 1 Event Room per floor. 3 50/150/250
Scavanger Each Rank spawns +1% Health and Sand per floor. 10 25*level
All Access Each Rank starts you with +1 Key. 2 100/250
Explosive Each Rank starts you with +1 Bomb 3 50/150/250
Higher Quality Loadouts Each Rank grants 5% increases rarity to Loadout items. 10 100*level