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There are various elements in the game that weapons and lucid abilities can have. Each element is associated with a particular debuff. Most weapons and abilities that apply damage of a certain type also apply the corresponding debuff. Below are the elements currently in the game, with the corresponding debuff listed between parentheses.

  • Lightning (Shock)
  • Water (Wet)
  • Ice (Frozen)
  • Fire (Burning)
  • Oil (Oiled)
  • Wind (Off Balance)
  • Poison (Poison)

Elemental Reactions

Apply different combinations of elemental damage to enemies suffering from an elemental status effect to trigger a Critical Extinguish. Critical Extinguishes deal additional damage.

When the debuffs applied by elemental abilities and weapons react with each other, this causes both debuffs to eliminate ("extinguish") each other, dealing a hefty amount of damage in exchange. This is known as a "critical extinguish", an "elemental crit" or an "elemental reaction".

The diagram below details the various extinguishes possible.