Waking World

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Waking World Map.jpg

In the Waking World, you can interact with various NPCs and help Cassidy grow. All progress you make in the Waking World will persist.

  • Build Relationships - Meet the people around Cassidy and empower her with their hopes and memories to dispel the darkness of her nightmares.
  • Unlock Stories - The further you make it into your dreams, the more you'll learn about Cassidy and her story. Choices you make as the story progresses influence your dreams.
  • Earn Upgrades - Progress in the Dreamscape allows you to forge friendships, unlock new weapons, items and powers that will help you once you fall back asleep.


There are various activities to do in the waking world.

Gift Giving

Craft various items to gift to NPCs. Gifting items to various NPCs will increase your relationship with them to unlock various game content.


While Meditating, Cassidy can sepnd Resolve to focus on herself and become stronger. New upgrade options can be unlocked with Resolve as she grows stronger.


While Sketching, Cassidy can spend Sparks to flesh out her ideas and unlock new items. New item options can be found as Ideas within the Dreamscape.

Use the Sparks Cassidy has collected to unlock new items.